Wednesday 17 October 2007

Dead Time

Don’t you just love that period of limbo between jobs? When you are all excited about starting a new job and don’t want to start anything new or big in your current job because you don’t want to leave it half finished. At the moment things are very quiet at work so trying to find ways to kill time, which I feel bad about because I believe in earning the wages you are paid.

Came back from a week off and find that all of the fuss in the office has died down a bit (see earlier posts “what goes around and what goes around part 2). The main reason seems to be that some of the managers have been off sick and people have just got on with their work the best they can. The other reason seems to be that the David-Brent-alike big boss also had last week off and wasn’t around to make things worse. As he is back this week, there are no guarantees that things will improve.

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