Sunday 14 October 2007

Eidan Saeedan, Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid

Happy Eid to everyone, hope it was special for each and every one of you. Have had a manic few days (and thats saying something considering I never seem to be able to stop running around like a headless chicklet).

Took a week off and spent most of the time running around preparing for Eid and a big iftar I had planned. In-laws (bless them) rallied around and decided that house should not look like junk shop on Eid (see previous post – Mr Removal Man). So Hubby’s darling parents spent all week scrubbing floors and sofa’s, washing linen and curtains and hiding all the stuff that we accumulate without even trying behind sofa’s, under sofa’s, under beds and forcing more into cupboards. The house looked wonderful and I felt a bit embarrassed that I had allowed it to get into such a mess.

Spent all day Thursday cooking for two families we had invited over to break fast with us (thinking Eid would be on Saturday). Barely had they eaten when news came in from the local mosque that it was Eid the next day. Got the guests fed and out the door and then dragged hubby round local desi shops looking for something to go with my Eid clothes. Spent Thursday night until midnight cooking and started again next morning straight after Fajr salaat. Baby brother-in-law (not exactly a baby, but the youngest of six brothers mashallah) was up until 3am decorating my sitting room which looked great. Had gifts (eidhee) for everyone as both myself and my husband are the oldest siblings in our family, but we both realised by Eid day that we were flat broke and decided not to buy each other anything (I wanted to get him a watch as he has worn his since I gave it to him on our engagement 10 years ago and it recently broke; he wanted to take me away for a few days whilst his parents were here to watch the kids). In the end he bought me a scarf and I bought him socks.

GorgeousLittle Lady with Little Man. (lovely outfits courtesy of grandparents)

Had one family over for lunch and two more over for dinner. Wanted to take pic of meal but was busy serving, then stuffing my face. By evening we were all POOPED, it was a beautiful warm night so we all decided to go for a walk to wind down and it was lovely to see loads of other families out in their finery doing the usual Eid activities (stuffing their gobs, showing off, queuing up outside the indian-sweets shop).
The next day we were invited over to my mums who is defo the best cook in the world and had a lovely meal and got lots of presents (no complaints there). Had fun after that hiding my visiting cousind shoes (very grown up) and making them play hot and cold to find them. They finally found them in the cellar where we switched the light off and locked the door. I would have left them in there longer but fashionista sister finally let them out after 15 minutes. They didn't look very impressed and went off home in a huff (we obviously don't have the same sense of humour).
So now we are finishing off leftovers and trying to prepare for the next six days of fasting in blessed Shawwal-ul-Mukarram. Definitely a whole different ball-game from fasting in Ramadan. May Allah make it easy for all those who attempt this and accept it from us.


  1. You should've put up a picture of them lot looking for their shoes in the cellar