Wednesday 17 October 2007

Hairstyles and Discipline

Was mortified yesterday when I came back from work to find Little Man had a bald patch near the front of his head. This is the second time this has happened. The last time was about three months ago when bald spots seemed to suddenly appear around his head - it scared the heck out of me. Me and hubby sat there staring at his head wondering if it was caused by some kind of disease or something before we realised that Little Lady had managed to get her hands on a pair of scissors and cut patches out of his hair. I thought my scissors were out of reach on a high shelf but she has managed to climb up the shelves and get them down and do the same thing again. Little Man seems to be in awe of her and just lets her do whatever she wants to him. Have told her off as have hubby and dad-in-law but not sure how far the message is going in.

Also had to confiscate the play-dough she was given as she has been trying to mix it with water in the sink and managed to get it all over the bathroom. This after being told as soon as I got through the door that she doesn’t love me because I told daddy to get her hair cut and she wants to grow it long and complaints from her grandmother that Little Lady told her to “go back home – this is not your home, its mine, your home is in Pakistan” (who needs the BNP when you’ve got bossy boots doing their job for them?).

Anyway after she sharpened her pencils all over the floor and Little Man followed by throwing cake all over the floor and on being asked why he was making a mess declared sweetly “Mummy hoover it”, I finally packed them all off to bed and decided to sit in bed and read my pulp-horror no-brainer novel. It was only when I was falling asleep that I remembered that amidst all the telling off, and chasing around that I forgot to give Little Lady a big hug and a kiss and tell her how much I love her.


  1. Very funny story - laughed my head off!!

  2. Me too, it would be even funnier if I saw it to.