Monday 1 October 2007

Beautiful Adhaan

My favourite part of the day during Ramadan is Iftar time, not because I am hungry, and not just because at this time, after a very, very long day, I finally get to sit down for a few moments. But because at this time I get to hear the adhaan on the radio. I can feel the tension and fatigue slipping away and my heart filling with peace. Is there any sound beautiful as the adhaan? Is there any better way to reach the hearts of the faithful? Whether its the muezzin of the Haram or the old man in the village mosque in Pakistan. One so majestic it brings you to your knees and the other so humble it brings tears to your eyes. Nothing moves me like the adhaan. Every time I hear it I cannot speak, and when I hear it I pray with tears streaming down my face that Allah gives my sons the chance to perform the call to prayer, perhaps in a beautiful masjid, or perhaps one day just in the old masjid in my grandfathers village.


  1. ASA sister,
    I really like the blog, its funny, honest and thoughtful-inshalla you will continue and I look forward to the next addition.

    p.s yay-im the 1st to comment!!