Sunday 31 March 2019

Wedding Season Spring 2019: My Friends Wedding

The first wedding of the year, my friends, turned out to be a very elegant affair.  Like her henna there were a lot of touches that showed me how many things have changed: very organised (for an Asian wedding), table seating being managed, the focus more on young people – and selfie madness, I have never seen so many young girls taking so many selfies for so long. 

I love any chance to dress up and pulled out this number. Hubby usually wears thawb (the long Arab-stye garment), including for work, which I prefer (especially all white), so when he pulled out this suit from the back of his cupboard, you can be rest assured he was teased by everyone.

 The venue was one we have been to before but was dressed up differently for this occasion and looked very stylish. We were greeted with drinks and sweets while we waited for the bride and groom and the guests were kept in the lobby area until the groom arrived – usually everyone heads straight for the hall to nab a table.

I really like the simple touches at the table settings: zamzam water and mini chocs, I might have ended up with a few of these little bottles…

The food was honestly one of the best I have had at a wedding, I did ask or the caterers name, but then promptly forgot.

A really nice wedding and very generous of my lovely friend to invite us along and treat us with so much love.

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