Sunday 31 March 2019

Wedding Season Spring 2019: My Friends Henna

One of my friends got married recently and I was utterly impressed by all the effort that was put into the wedding.  Like me she is one of four sisters, so I wasn’t surprised at how good everything looked and how ell organised everything was, because I know what we can achieve when the four of us band together too.

There was so many lovely touches, so many details to savour and they encouraged us to help ourselves to all of the savoury snacks and sweets that they had hand made themselves.

I thought the pani puree bike was great:

The chickpea chaat was super spicy, the bride is Bengali, so when they say spicy, they actually know what it means.

I might have helped myself to a few of these:

I thought the décor and colour scheme were a treat for the eyes.

I thought the henna was really well organised, the bride and her sisters looked stunning and I really enjoyed people watching and seeing what people were wearing.  We have a family wedding this summer insh’Allah (my cousin – I can’t wait!), so there was lots of inspiration for what we could wear.

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