Monday 1 October 2018

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018

Last Friday (28th September 2018) was Macmillan Coffee Morning (also known as the World’s Largest Coffee Morning).  I got together with a group of girls at work to host one of our own and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

We encouraged people to bring in cakes and savoury snacks to sell and one of the ladies created an online page for donations.  I offered to bring Punjabi potato samosa’s, one of the girls brought mini burgers and another lady made healthy fruit salad.  Plus all of the cakes people made and bought.

We clearly were not the only ones with the ides of a coffee morning.  My children’s school hosted two – one in the parent’s room and one after school for everyone.  I went to a meeting at a local church and found one in full swing there.

During the week, we turned out to be hosting one of four at our office, including one on the same day.  Happily, we made the most money out of the four.  My samosa’s were sold and gone within the first hour with people continuing to come down and ask for more.

It was a lot of fun and for a good cause.  We’re planning our next event already.

This was what I chose for my lunch

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