Tuesday 16 October 2018

Fashionista's Baby Shower

It doesn’t take much of an excuse for us sisters to throw a party, so the blessing of Fashionista Sister being pregnant filled us with joy and got us all planning.  We did our usual routine of making a WhatsApp group and adding Fashionista’s friends and in-laws.  We also added her husband and proceeded to confuse and wind him up.

In the end we allocate the tasks as:
Me – cooking for guests
Harlequin Sister – Decor
Sister-in-law – desserts including cake and biscuits
Shutterbug – photography and helping everyone else.
Fashionista’s in-laws – tracking down her friends and inviting them
Fashionista’s husband – bring her to the party under a pretext so that we can surprise her.

On the day we rushed around like mad trying to set everything up while her husband staled her and sent us fraught messages telling us his pregnant wife was losing patience while he drive around to kill time.

She arrived as we finished off and came into the sound of party poppers and everyone yelling surprise, giving her a shock and scaring my poor, very soft-hearted niece in the process.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was and how shocked we were that she hadn’t caught on.

The idea of the banner was to match the cake with it’s button design:

Mini lemon possets by my sister-in-law as were the babygrow biscuits: 

I was tasked with the food and ended up making tandoori chicken bites, macaroni salad (recipe here), chicken sandwiches (recipe here) and salad (recipe here).  Mum made her delicious lamb kebabs and Shutterbug Sister brought pizza and chips which was scoffed ridiculously fast.

Harlequin Sister had decorated the garden with pretty scarves tied together in a canopy of sorts.  With the day being very sunny, the scarves provided lovely shade when we went into the garden to play party games.

Sister-in-law was in charge of games and came up with some real fun ones:
We had to feel in a bag for some baby-related items and guess what all of them were
We had melted chocolate in a clean nappy which people had to taste and guess the flavor – if that sounded gross, it really was
We had to get into two teams and use toilet roll to create a nappy on a team member, racing the other team
So you can imagine there was a lot of laughing and good natured teasing. 

The Babies complained our games were boring and went inside and found their own game to play:

We ended the afternoon with cake and more cake with the button cake split up and shared with all of the guests and still plenty more to take home. 


  1. How are you Umm Salilah? Have not heard from you in a while.

    1. Walaikam-assalam,
      I'm good, thank you for asking.
      I'm trying to blog, but life is too hectic alhamdulillah!