Saturday 6 October 2018

Frugal Haul September 2018

We managed to go to a boot fair during September and find a few bargains.  The one we went to was at Chigwell Rise on Saturday morning and is one of the busier ones I have been to. 

I came back with some pretty and fun, but probably not very practical things:

Most things in this picture cost about 50p.  The makeup bags I save and fill with makeup and jewellery that I send to my six sisters in law once a year. The doodle books were really nice quality and the big blue post-it’s are sitting on my bedside table for when I need to remind myself of something in the morning. The key-rings are on the kid’s school bags.  The box with the peacock was my fave thing and Little Lady is using it for jewellery.

The haul below was all from one seller and including the bag, box and all of the craft supplies inside, cost me £2. The seller was so generous, that every time I picked up for things I liked, she would just put it in the bag and include it in the price.  I can tell you I was over the moon and it made me want to get crafting and card-making insh’Allah.

The bag included some really nice card stock and papers, glitter papers, sticker packs and embellishments.

The glittered DCWV Sweet stack is one of my all time favourite card stacks, you can bet I was pleased to see papers from this in amongst the rest.  

I can't wait to play with these:

I’m looking forward to making something with all of this. 

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