Monday 15 October 2018

Fabula Literary Festival 2018

This weekend I decided to let me housework wait for the week and to enjoy time with family.  Little Lady went shopping with me and Little Man watched a crime series with me he likes.  I spent time with my sisters and mum and had a relaxing dinner with them.  For the Babies and Gorgeous, I decided to take them along to the local library to check out the Fabula literary festival they were hosting for Libraries Week.

I couldn’t believe how much to do there was over the period of the festival.  Just on the Sunday we visited, there was crafts, a dance/theatre performance, story telling and lots more.

Gorgeous went straight for the Stixx paper-stick making activity with mischievous intentions.  He ended up making a trident and the Babies a wand and halo.

The performance was of Hansel and Gretel and was an interactive one with the children.  The performers were mesmerising and the girls captivated.  Perfect for Darling who has Hansel and Gretel as one of her topics at school at the moment.

We completed the afternoon, with wedges and slushees for the kids and a lovely warm latte for me.  For once we didn’t hurry, I didn’t have to rush the kids and I decided not to dwell on piles of uniforms and bags to pack until later. Darling pointed out that it was her last day of being five years old and she had really enjoyed it :)

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