Friday 10 August 2018

Capel Manor Gardens - Summer Visit

I have been trying to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays and returning to Capel Manor Gardens was an easy option for us. We visited last year and it was not too far way (all five of my children get car sick), entry was very reasonably priced considering we are a big family and there was lots to see and do.

The place is a mix of formal gardens, green spaces, wooded area and gardens where students of the attached college try out their design ideas and grow plants.  Some of the special features include a maze, faith gardens, lake and Japanese-style garden

The wooded area is one of our favourites, with lots of sculptures and structures to explore and a fallen tree to climb.

The children’s favourite features were the maze and the animals, especially some of the are ones: the Patagonian Mara and the wallaby.

We happened to be at Capel Manor during a fuchsia show.  There were some beautiful entries and some lovely colour combinations.  We only managed to catch the tail end of it and didn’t get any pictures, except for this one of the winning flowers.  

A really nice, easy-going day out for a family, if you haven’t been, I would recommend a visit.

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