Saturday 11 August 2018

Bowling Babies

One of my sisters (or sister-in-law) had a brainwave for us all to go bowling together. This isn’t something we have done as a family, the last time I went was when my high school took me. I was more than up for it and we decided to make a day of it with lunch afterwards and afternoon in the park.

My sister-in-law booked us a game at Hollywood Bowl in Dagenham and was kind enough to treat everyone by paying for it as well. We rocked up and took two lanes – one for the babies and me to supervise them and one for everyone else, i.e. the serious players.

The babies had a great time climbing all over the ball machine, dragging heavy balls over and rolling them down the helping frame and generally causing havoc running around and hugging the sweet machines.

I didn’t expect very much but I scored two strikes and some high scores and the babies had the buffer and frame to help them, so we ended up scoring much higher than the “serious” team, much to their annoyance.

On our way out, I tried to get the kids past the arcade machines and through the door as quickly as I could but failed completely. There is something about shiny, noisy games and young boys, that fast exit just wasn’t going to happen. The boys and their dad hopped onto a motorbike game. Seeing as we were not going anywhere soon, Little Lady and I decided to play the Jurassic Park, dinosaur shoot-em-up until they were ready to leave.

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