Thursday 23 August 2018

Eid-ul-Adha 2018/1439 - Day 2: Family, Food and Photo-Shoots

The second day of Eid followed a familiar and much-loved routine, lunch at mums, followed by a day spent laughing and joking with siblings and doting over our clutch of little girls alhamdulillah.

I wore this blue kameez from edenrobe with white trousers and a silky royal blue scarf. My husband bought it last year from Pakistan but I ended up wearing something else when I tried it on and felt self-conscious.  I lost a little weight this year, so enjoyed wearing this:

I am really liking this type of Islamic geometric pattern I have been seeing all over Pakistani clothes in the last year or so:

I hadn’t planned to buy the babies new clothes this Eid as my mum bought them pretty cotton dresses from Monsoon which they wore on the first day of Eid.  I happened to come across these on clearance at a local shop that was closing down – the last two children’s dresses, in both my daughters’ sizes for a very discounted price.  I snapped them up and they got compliments all day alhamdulillah.

You know it is Eid in my house when the biggest pot I own gets dragged out from the back of our store cupboard.  This year I was tasked with making the lamb curry for our family gathering (recipe here).  Took ages but came out a treat.

My neighbour invites me over for Eid breakfast every year, but I never get to go. This year I wasn’t hosting and we moved Eid lunch from 12pm on the dot, to after Zoher prayers (after persuading my parents who are sticklers for time and routine), so I had some time to go and visit her.  The woman is an amazing cook mashallah and fed us halva, puri, channay, lamb curry and tandoori chicken for brunch.  May Allah (SWT) bless her home and family.

This was soon followed by our big Eid lunch at my mums.  Eid lunch was a joint effort this year, lamb pilau and kebabs by my mum, lamb curry by me, roast chicken by my lovely sister in law, chocolate cake by Fashionista sister.  Mums lamb pilau really is our treat for the year (or twice a year) alhamdulillah.

The cake really was good: moist, rich and with gooey choc icing:

Of course, after lunch is always the obligatory photo-shoot of the lovely outfits and the cheeky babies.

We spent the afternoon slowly clearing dishes, packing food and chatting with cousins.  We had to head home earlier than usual because we are heading to Bournemouth for day three of Eid for a short break and there is packing to be done.

These little peg dolls of us were a nice little gift from Fashionista, the artist used pictures of us to create them.  Little Lady calls them voodoo dolls and tells me she will poke my one next time I annoy her :/

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