Sunday 8 July 2018

Serene Evening

I spent a lovely evening with my sisters at my mums home yesterday, good food, lots of laughter and some much-appreciated rest.  I spent a little bit of the evening sitting alone on her battered old swing in the garden, not doing or thinking anything.  Just being still and present in the moment for once and taking pleasure in the colour and abundance of her garden,

I was anxious and lacking direction regarding work for a very long time.  Now that I have a job I enjoy and which I can see myself in for the near future at least insh’Allah, I can leave the office and leave work behind.  This means the weekends are for me and the kids to enjoy and the evenings are for my home and children.  I have been feeling a need to spend some down time in nature and mums garden is not quite the mountains or beach, but being surrounded by greenery and quiet was reviving 

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