Sunday 8 July 2018

Picture of the Day 08.07.18: Sugar Frenzy

Fashionista was visiting London for the weekend with my sweetheart of a niece, so we decided to take my mum and the kids out for ice cream.  It’s an interesting effect on kids whose parents try to limit sugar intake, the subsequent effect of liberal consumption of sugary foods.  I don’t recall eating sugar as a kid and my behaviour changing, but I suspect there was always so much in my blood stream that I was permanently a bit hyper.

The youngest three of the group (my lovely niece, Darling and Baby) are firm friends (along with my brother’s cheeky daughter and my little girl cousin – a group of five diva’s).  They held hands on the walk there, all had the same dessert (in different flavours) and held hands on the way home.  Except on the way there they were fairly sane. In the dessert place, once they had had some ice cream, they were zooming around the shop and cackling like little lunatics.  The played up on the way home and my two got home only to start jumping off furniture, my uncle came to visit and baby threw herself at him and hugged him enthusiastically much to his surprise and laughter.  I could almost have timed it: the sugar wore off, there was a slightly stunned look about Darling for a little while before she dozed off.  Baby doesn’t do subtle or slow, so she went straight from hugging my uncle to putting her head on a cushion and falling flat asleep.

Which was all nice for some peaceful time for me to chat to my uncle about grown up things (politics, local and Pakistani) and get my chores done, but now I am starting to feel stunned and zoned out.

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