Tuesday 3 July 2018

Eid Lunch at Work

During the middle of Ramadan I asked for volunteers at work for an Eid lunch for the week after Eid.  Alhamdulillah two lovely ladies came forward and worked to organise a lunch open to all staff in our office.

We worked together to promote the event, encourage people to bring a dish, find a henna artist (one of our very talented colleagues) and encourage people around us to join in.

Despite our worst fears, lots of people came.  We got lots of positive feedback and the food was polished off.

I brought in the lamb chops, chicken tikka, the kebabs and a big tub of salad:

The henna artist also made this cake.  She is awesome and always helps out with any event we suggest (like the Ramadan Q&A we ran earlier for staff).  It was originally round, but her nephew took a swipe and grabbed a chunk, so she had to repair it and turn it into a crescent moon.  We teased her about her special "Eid cake".

In putting the word out for help for the Eid lunch, I found that Muslim ladies at our other offices were also arranging Eid lunches that week, including two sisters who cooked a full three course meal for their team by themselves.  I asked them to send pictures of their events to share on the office online message boards so that people could see the what had been happening.

Harlequin tells me the Muslim’s at her office also got together and paid for 100 samosa’s which disappeared like lightening.  I suspect there were a lot more lunches and events like this, which is heartening.  I pray for a future when Muslims are not demonised, but known for our best qualities: trying to help and serve others insh’Allah

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