Thursday 5 July 2018

Picture of the Day 01.07.18: Learning to Skate

Hubby's job as a removal man means he comes home with all sorts of things; some valuable, beautiful or useful and others random junk I have to decide what to do with or lug down to the charity shop.

This week he came home with an ironing board, a TV stand, a big bag full of really lovely baby toys and some new roller skates.  All of the other items went to neighbours who had either asked for them or were happy to take something for free.  Darling got the roller skates.  Being the biggest chicken ever, she isn’t one to fall over and try again, so her dad helped her practice:

It wasn’t long before Baby wanted her turn and being a daredevil spent the whole time falling over and trying to get up again with Darling’s help.

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