Thursday 7 September 2017

Eid-ul-Adha 2017/1438 - Eid Prep

This Eid ul Adha has been the first without my husband since we have been married, so I took charge and roped everyone in to get our preparations underway.  I printed off my decorations a few days earlier, I asked the boys to create a balloon arch and I had everyone’s clothes ironed and hung up the day before.

I got my shopping in early and bought my meat the day before to marinate and we spent the evening before making sweet treats to give away.

I put the lamb curry on the hob the night before as it takes the longest to make.  You always know it's Eid in my house when the biggest pot I have gets taken out.  The house smelled lovely and it tasted good alhamdulillah (you can find my recipe here).

Little Lady laid out her outfits for all three days, it reminded me of when I was her age and my mum did all of the cooking and I just had to worry about what I would wear and what bangles to match with it.

How did you prepare for Eid?  Do you have special traditions of your own for the days before?

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