Thursday 7 September 2017

Eid-ul-Adha 2017/1438 - Day 1: Hosting the Feast, Babies and Sweet Treats

I hosted Eid the first day and decided to invite as many close and extended family as I could muster and get everyone fed in one go.  I am a big believer that where two eat, three can share and where 20 can eat, another 10 can squeeze in insh’Allah.

I planned the food a few days before and started cooking the day before.  The kids helped with the cleaning and decorating and everything was ready for noon as the men had to pray jummah that afternoon and wanted to eat and get to the masjid on time.

My outfit for the day was one that I already had, but which was comfortable and easy to dress up:

You can forget the lovely red heels though, I spent most of the time in the kitchen in my slippers.

Little Lady wore a long jacket she had been pestering me for, this denim coloured kimono with lace panels from Haiqa, which seems to be turning into her go to place for eid clothes (she wore this outfit from them this last Eid).

We had the decorations up and the sweets and drinks laid out well before guests arrived.  Everyone brought cakes, sweets and donuts and flowers.  

Little Man made a lemon mocktail drink: fizzy lemonade, slices of lemon and lime, fresh mint, castor sugar and lots of ice.

Lunch was pilau rice with peas, lamb curry, chicken and potato curry, tandoori chicken, mint chutney, salad and channa chaat.

After lunch and midday prayers we spent a few hours eating cake and sweets and playing with the babies (or as Little Lady calls them collectively the Baby Squad).  We really enjoyed the mischief, pretty outfits and general mini-diva-like behaviour.

Once all of the guests had gone home, my neighbour came by to share Eid sweets and keep us company.  My neighbour is really good at henna and even better at keeping the babies still for long enough to apply it, so we managed to fit a henna session in.

We ended the day with a quiet dinner, the babies falling asleep early and hanging out with my older kids eating chocolates.

*Additional pictures courtsey of my sisters Shutterbug Sister and Harlequin Sister

**Please note that none of the brands mentioned in this post have compensated me for mentioning thier products, these are simply my view.

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