Thursday 7 September 2017

Eid-ul-Adha 2017/1438 - Day 2: Mums Cooking, Pretty Outfits and Games

For the second day of Eid, my mum hosted dinner, so we spent a lazy day tidying, eating Eid leftovers and reading before we headed over mid-afternoon to my mums.

For the second day I wore this long tunic that I bought from a local vendor in east London called Aisha's Boutique, she is a friend who does online orders, and gets outfits made in Pakistan.  This one cost me £15 and I ended up buying another for Little Lady for £10 which she wore on day 3.  I love the cotton fabric and was surprised to find it had a slight stretch to it.  It looks like a church stained glass window, so I had to ask Little Lady to check if there were any crosses on it as it would mean I couldn’t pray whilst wearing it.  She cheekily reassured me there was no crosses, no saints, no last suppers anywhere.

I accessorised with the deep green scarf below, some sparkly green earrings that I have been wearing ever since, a sparkly bracelet my lovely sister-in-law gave me and  this big blingy cocktail ring that my cousin gave me for Eid.

Dinner at mum’s was a treat.  She always makes lamb pilau which I wait for Eid for, very fragrant and flavoursome, I would happily eat it with my fingers without any accompaniment.  There was also tandoori chicken, chicken karahi, meatball curry and lamb kebabs. The cake from the day before was dessert, along with my mum's rice pudding.

After dinner we spent a happy few hours playing a guessing game called Taboo, playing with the babies and posing for our annual Eid photoshoot.

Harelquin Sister's outfit was so elegant:

My mother-in-law had to drag us away or we would have been sitting talking late into the night.  I enjoyed the day so much, but most of all I enjoyed how the babies fell asleep as soon as we got them home.

*Additional pictures courtsey of my sisters Shutterbug Sister and Harlequin Sister

**Please note that none of the brands mentioned in this post have compensated me for mentioning thier products, these are simply my view.


  1. Haha, I laughed at the 'no saints, crosses or last suppers' on the kurta!

    1. So did I at the sarcasm , and she was being fairly gentle for once :)