Thursday 7 September 2017

Eid-ul-Adha 2017/1438 - Day 3: Laid Back Fashion, Biryani and Barbeques

The good thing about hosting everyone for Eid on the first day is that all of the hard work is over and we spent the next two days enjoying invitations to relatives.  Day three was hosted by my favourite Uncle who doesn’t miss a chance to get a barbeque going. 

My outfit for day three was from Fariha London whose good quality, practical separates I am a fan of.  This was on clearance for £10 and light, very soft and comfortable:

I accessorised with pearl jewellery and a scarf with pastel stripes.

Little Lady picked this up for £10 too.  I really like the print and the silver and pearl detail on the front.

In the end she wore a tunic top we found on sale for £10 at Aisha's Boutique (who I bought my day 2 outfit from):

The babies were also in salwar kameez:

The barbecue was in full flow and 
my uncle kept passing back bits of chicken and lamb to me whilst we waited for dinner.

I liked that everyone helped out with Dinner.  My cousin made the biryani from scratch and it tasted better than her mums, her brother made the salad.  My uncle barbequed cubes of chicken and lamb and also lamb kebabs and chicken legs.  My aunty made the curries.  The dessert was homemade cupcakes.

Just as we were finishing up, my uncle went back into the now dark garden and brought in some very well done corn on the cob much to everyone’s delight.

We finished the evening with good conversation and trying to stop the babies from dropping ice lolly juice everywhere.

I expected Eid to be a bit boring and not the same without my other half in Pakistan.  My heart was not in having fun.  But alhamdulilah my parents, siblings, the kids and my neighbours between them turned this into a happy, enjoyable and gentle eid full of good food, lovely babies, pretty outfits and interesting conversation.

*Additional pictures courtsey of my sisters Shutterbug Sister and Harlequin Sister
**Please note that none of the brands mentioned in this post have compensated me for mentioning thier products, these are simply my view.

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