Saturday 25 February 2017

Victoria and Albert Museum: Islamic Middle East

I have been meaning to visit the Victoria & Albert museum for years and kept telling Little Lady the two of us would go.  I visited with my school as a teenager and remember two things, the beautiful Mogul jewellery and textiles and getting shouted at for trying to take a rubbing from one of the displays.

As we were already at the Natural History Museum, we decided to cross the road and visit V&A.  Little Lady did moan it was supposed to be just the two of us and not the rest of her annoying family, but I told her you have to take the opportunity when it presents itself.

On entering, we were presented with the foyer and the renaissance gallery on one side.  Hubby got half a glance at the nudes in the renaissance gallery and steered us in the opposite direction, straight towards the Islamic Middle East galleries (also known as the Jameel gallery after the Jameel family).

The gallery includes items from Turkey, India, the Middle East and Central Asia including glass, ceramics, tiles, jewellery and manuscripts.

Oh - and Little Lady got too close to one of the exhibits, she was pointing something out to me and a guard thought she might touch something, we got told off - again :)

Pages from the Quran:

Tiles from Turkey:

Mogul jewellery:

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