Friday 24 February 2017

Happy Muslim Mama Sponsored Post: is a user-friendly and diverse website that brings together a wide variety of Islamic content including Quranic Ayah’s, Hadith and prayers.  The team behind the website say that their goal is simply to “help ourselves and you better understand Islam”

Content on the site is available in English, Urdu and even Sindhi.

The key information and services the website offers includes the following:

The site lists the names of Allah (SWT), their meanings and translations and where they are found in the Quran

The Muslim baby names are split into names for boys and girls and presented in a grid that lets you see 10 at a time in alphabetic order and which is sortable by the letter the name starts with.  The grid lists the names in English and Arabic text with meanings.  You can search the list by name in English or Arabic, but the page also has a unique feature that allows you to search by meaning, so if you search for beautiful, the serach will bring up any names that mean beautiful.

In the Islamic Quotes section the team take beautiful images and overlays them with Islamic quotes, creating beautiful graphics and posters.

Similarly Hadith of the Day creates beautiful graphics with hadith, there are currently 6 pages of graphics, with more being added regularly.

The site features many useful articles including one on how to choose a Muslim baby name and another on Muslim marriage beliefs also features Islamic videos in English and Urdu, some with transcripts, which I found particularly useful, such as this one on Love and Brotherhood.

The website aims to be interactive and encourages users to make suggestions for content or improvements.  They will be launching a dua page soon with dua's for everyday life, such as eating, sleeping and leaving your house.  They are currently in the process of designing a plug-in which will tell the Islamic date and time, be sure to look out for their new pages and new functionality soon insh'Allah.

They will also be launching a dua page soon with dua's for everyday life, such as eating, sleeping and leaving your house.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a sponsored post and that I have received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post. 

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