Monday 20 February 2017

Picture of the Day 20.02.17 - Business Dress and Abaya Hemlines

I wear my abaya to work, but I try to look smart as well as modest.  There are some small things which I am a stickler for when it comes to dress, such as wearing trousers under my abaya which go with the colour of the abaya.  

This morning I went back to work after a week off for half term holidays. I managed to get dress for work on auto-pilot without thinking too much about I was doing.

I couple of hours later, I noticed this: 

I remember reading somewhere as a teenager the rules of wearing clothes for the office, most likely Readers Digest, because I was that nerdy kind of kid.  From what I recall, you wear black tights with black skirts and nude with everything else.  You generally match the colour of your tights to the hem of your skirt or trousers.

So although I wear an abaya, I wear black stockings with a black abaya and tan with everything else.  I usually wear my back abaya on Mondays as I rotate through the colours through the week.  But my black work abaya was in the wash thanks to someone very small using it as a hand towel while I was wearing it.  So I wore my pink one, but clearly in my head I was still wearing the black one and wore black stockings.

Such a silly little thing, but it bugged me all day. 


  1. Asalaamu Alaikum! Still looks very professional to me seeing as how your socks match your shoes!

  2. Walaikam-assalam thank you!