Friday 24 February 2017

Natural History Museum: Dinosaurs and Mammals

We finished last week’s half term holidays with a trip to the Natural History Museum, after our visit last year, it felt like an easy day out with the kids.  Last time we worked our way around the Museum quite easily and got to see everything.  This time around the museum's front entrance was under construction with the famous Diplodocus exhibit in the Hintze Hall being closed or refurbishment in time for this summer.  This meant that it took much longer to get in, was harder to get in and I felt as if we missed chunks because we either going round in circles or because we couldn’t find the right lift to go up or down a floor (as we had Baby's pram with us).  I think next time I will have the sense to look at the website and the online maps before I go.

Being half term and too cold for outdoor activities, the museum was very crowded, usually I am oblivious and don't mind rush and crowds, but I had the start of a nasty headache so was less patient with trying to navigate people with the pram and it was harder to take pictures as there were more people in the way.

With all of that to one side, it is still a wonderful museum, I would definitely go back with Gorgeous (who is obsessed with animals and nature) to see the new Blue Whale exhibit that is being prepared for Hintze Hall.

Two of the most recognisable dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops:

This moving, growling T-Rex model was fun.  It was not enormous, but the boys liked it. Darling had to stop and check with me: "It's not real is it mum?"  I picked Baby up to have a look and she clambered down and run to the back of the hall where her pram was and got in quickly, refusing to look at it.  

Little Man's favourite, a giant sloth

A woolly rhino, I have no idea why it was upside down:

There was a fairly large collection of stuffed animals, life like and beautiful:

A fascinating way to spend a good few hours, I think I will take the kids back, or perhaps only Gorgeous later in the year.

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