Monday 24 March 2014

Picture of the Day 24.03.14 - Sick Babies

We have been sharing viruses in our family, like the sharing, caring people we are.  My poor mum and dad have been ill and driving each other up the wall with their irritableness, my brother is recovering from the same thing and now all four of my kids have got it.  My nose is tickling and my teeth hurt because of my blocked sinuses, so I know I have a good time coming my way too.

Gorgeous got sent home from school, Little Man threw up a few times and then the nurse sent him back to class, Little Lady moaned a lot.  They all have stomach and head aches, nausea and very runny noses.  They are all lying about coughing under baby blankets and refusing to eat.

For all his mischief, I hate when Gorgeous is ill, he is so well-behaved, it doesn't suit him at all.  Little Man not eating is like fish not swimming, he is like one of those very skinny people who always win "eat the most" competitions.  Somehow, Darling manages to look adorable even with snot coming out of her nose (I tried to take a picture and she wouldn't let me, seems even at one years old she has SOME dignity).  Little Lady is offended that we sent her to her Arabic class and doesn't think she should go school tomorrow.  

Hubby has been trying to get a doctor's appointment, which is a Herculean task at our local surgery.  I think we might just keep them all home tomorrow.


  1. Aw babies! I hope they recover soon in sha Allah.
    Sickness doesn't suit babies, they should always be smiling! :)

  2. It is such a pain to see babies sick. Givce him some good rest and take good care of him. Will be good in no time Insha Allah.

  3. Its very painful but as musklims keep patience, Allah must give your babies heath soon insha'Allah

  4. It is very very painful about the bebies. Allah will take care of your beby, will recover soon

  5. May Allah bless your son and give them good health Ameeeen.