Sunday 9 March 2014

Picture of the Day 08.03.14 - You Asked For It

I have been trying hard recently to add some exercise into my routine.  I did Pilates for a while from videos I found on Youtube and that really, really helped improved my movement and flexibility.  But I stopped when I felt under the weather and I haven't wanted to start again since.

What I really wanted was to walk every day, but there has been no-one to watch the kids and after a few months, I felt like I had no energy and walking felt so haaard...

I decided to get an exercise machine, but had no idea where to start and no budget.  In frustration I moaned at hubby that it was his fault I had gained weight, because before I married him I was skinny.  I knew I was being completely unreasonable.

He did the best and worse thing a guy can do in such circumstances and said nothing.  The next day I came home from work to find this:

So now I really have no excuse.  I have been doing five to ten minute stints (read that as almost five) about three times a day.  I'm trying to build up my strength and the kids are having great fun using at a slide (one sits on it and another runs and makes him slide off) and trying to turn the gradient up when I am not looking.



  1. Wow, the perfect surprise gift!! I think what you're doing is the right thing - small stints spread out across the day will help build strength, and you also have less of an excuse to skip them, since they take so little time. You can always change it to one block of time in the mornings later :). Good going!

  2. Salam! I'm sure you know this already, but be careful with the machine around the kids - I have a nasty memory of trying to run on one when I was little and getting hurt.

  3. Assalamu alaykum,
    Umm Salilah, I might need that for the trek you know....just kidding though....running around the park is enough for me as practice...

  4. We have one of those in our home, but it feels unloved. Isn't it funny: people complain about being trampled on, but our treadmills complain because they're not.