Monday 24 March 2014

Picture of the Day 22.03.14 - Boys with Books

I took the children into town on Saturday morning and thought I would treat then by letting them choosing a book.  Of all places, TK Maxx sometimes have an interesting selection of discounted children's books.  I let the cashier scan them and handed them back to the kids.   After I paid, I turned round to find this:

I always worry about my boys not being interested in books, so I found the sight so heartening.  I've recently found that Gorgeous is reading by himself more often in his calmer moments, whereas Little Man still likes to be read to.

Little Man picked the World History book and came over every time he finds something about someone being disembowelled (William Wallace) or hung, drawn and quartered (William Wallace again) or sacrificed (Mayans and Aztecs).  I absolutely love this book, I think it deserves a review of its own.

Gorgeous picked Amazing Adventure Stories and has been reading to himself and giggling away ("Mum look, after the race they went to the cafe and had a sip of oil!")

Little Lady picked the drawing book and invited our 19-year old neighbour round to draw with her.

This was Darling's stash:

I love the classics like Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck.  The Where's Spot book is paper unlike the others which are cardboard, but she will love the surprises behind all the flaps, so we can use this one together.  The Kitten book is same as one Little Lady had when she was little and loved, Darling likes stroking the cats fur inside the book too.  The Lego book came with Duplo blocks to make the characters in the book, she is fascinated with how the blocks stick together.

The books averaged about £3-4 for the big ones and about £2 for the baby books, about a quarter of the RRP price, so I am quite pleased and if it gets the boys reading, I am going to be very pleased.

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