Monday 3 March 2014

App Review: Muslim Quiz & Games PRO - Islamic Academy

I often get asked to review apps, so when a friend asked me to recommend some good app, especially Islamic themed Apps, I thought I would start reviewing them now and again.  The first one is Muslim Quiz & Games PRO - Islamic Academy by Tentacle Solutions.

I don’t have an ipad or tablet and I don’t usually let the kids touch my phone apart from the rare occasion I need to occupy them when we are at someone’s house and end up using the phone to distract them.

The app is fairly easy to navigate once it is on your phone.  A brief shot of space points you to a map which offers the option of navigating to one of three islands: Games Island, Education Island or Puzzle Island.  The Game Island include memory and sorting games (using Arabic alphabet).

There was an interesting Game that asks you to look at a shopping list and spot if there is anything haram (prohibited to Muslims) in it. 

The education island lets you view how well you are doing and has a series of question and answer games on Islamic themes, including an option to play against someone else.

The puzzle island has a picture sorter, spot the difference, and a matching games with Islamic images and calligraphy to match.  There are various levels of difficulty, with players completing one level to unlock the others.

I liked that the games had an Islamic theme, the colourful and clear graphics and the ease with which you could navigate the app.

My 11 year old (Little Lady) didn’t find the games challenging and would have liked to see more games which the app does say that more games are added as a bonus.  My 7 year old (Gorgeous) enjoyed the app and seemed quite engrossed in the games.

Overall I didn’t mind paying the cost of the app and I prefered it to the usual kind of games my boys like (anything where they can race or shoot something).

All images from the iTunes preview page for Muslim Quiz & Games PRO - Islamic Academy by Tentacle Solutions Limited

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