Monday 6 January 2014

Picture of the Day 04.01.14 - Rare Moments

I didn't do much sale shopping at all this year, but I had told the kids that I would buy them annuals after Christmas when they all get reduced.

I took them to Waterstones book shop and true enough they were reduced to 75% off (£2 each).  They picked Beano, Dandy, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars.  Not the most literary choice, but turned out to be a good one.  They have all been hooked ever since we bought them, reading the comic strips ad stories and playing the word games.

Yesterday after a day of squabbling and taking turns to complain, I chased them out of the kitchen and asked them to leave me alone.

A little while later, I noticed the quiet and looked out of the kitchen door to find this:

I was seriously amazed.  Little Lady had shouted at them all, made them cry, then apologised and sat them down with their annuals.

I took a picture quick as I didn't think it would last long and then served them dinner where they sat.


  1. Such a cute little picture! And your home is so neat!

  2. Gotta love how even baby is sitting down with one.

  3. Your photo made me laugh! MashAllah your baby is not a baby anymore! I need to go to Waterstone inshAllah. Thanks for the cute post sis :-)