Sunday 5 January 2014

Picture of the Day 01.01.14 - Funny Money

We don't celebrate New Years Day, but it is one of the only days that my whole family tend to be off work.  This being the case, I invited everyone to mine for dinner - my parents, sisters and cousins.

The day could have started better, I burnt the lamb curry that I had taken so much time and care over.  Hubby saw my face and told me not to worry, he would sort out the food.  While I then burnt the rice, started it again, roasted the chicken legs and made some salad, he took the burnt curry and headed to his friends house.

Thankfully, he came back with a glorious lamb curry.  Much better than anything I would have made.  Everyone loved it and Shutterbug Sister provided dessert in the form of doughnuts and Thornton's lovely chocolates.

After dinner, my parents headed home and someone pulled out my Monopoly board game.  I know what people can get like playing this game, so decided to sit back and watch.  It was very funny and quite fascinating.

Gorgeous created a messy little pile of money, buying random things and selling them cheaply to whoever managed to convince him (the careless spendthrift caught up in the game and having fun).

Little Man made neat little piles of cash and refused to spend any of it (the old man and his stash)

Little Lady thought carefully about  what she wanted to buy and quietly racked up her cash and property (potential tycoon).

It was a very funny game.  Before long there was a consortium of the boys doing illegal things (you buy me that and I'll buy you this when I land on it) and tantrums, with me advising my boys to always buy property and never sell and one of my straight-laced be-hijabed cousins declared she hated the other players and was now "one broke-a** person!"

Definitely a good night.  One more good thing I got out of it, hubby took me shopping the next day (which is something that ever normally happens and just as well) and bought me a lovely new non-stick cooking pot.


  1. I loved playing Monopoly as a kid!! Looks like you had lots of fun!

  2. Love monopoly, always been one of my favourite games!