Sunday 26 January 2014

Cousin T up a Mountain


My Cousin T, who is only 15, is a fellow sometimes blogger and a very hard working fundraiser. He spends a lot of time fundraising for his local masjid and for other charities.

I have seen him standing in the July sun with a collection bucket in the middle of the day during Ramadan.  Clearly that wasn't enough so he has decided to climb a mountain!

Cousin T's year group at his Islamic school are climbing Mount Snowden in Wales.  The trek is for Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family to help support orphans and children in need across the globe.  Their Justgiving page has the following:

"Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family believes in helping children through education, healthcare, food, clothing and welfare to help orphans and children in need to live the normal lives they should be living. Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family is unique not only because of what the sponsorships provide but also because Muslim Aid believes that education is vital to children to help them prosper and become leaders of their community.

As students in a Muslim Institute in the heart of Whitechapel in London, we've decided to help this cause and fundraise by trekking Wales largest mountain, Mt. Snowdon. We've set ourselves the target of reaching £8100 to help Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family. But this cannot be achieved without your generous support and donations. Please change a life today by sponsoring us and donating
You can support what the boys are doing by donating here.


  1. Great blog!

    Your kids are so cute, reading the books!

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