Monday 25 February 2013

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

For my daughters party, I decided to try making fruit kebabs.  I found the image below on Pinterest and loved the idea (my party ideas board is here).

I gathered up the fruits I wanted to use, making sure they were fairly firm and would stay on the skewers without falling apart. 

 Shutterbug sister was around and offered to help, so I showed her the picture above and handed the fruit to her to prep.  She's quite careful and precise, so was a good person to do the job.

I love how they turned out - I think she did a great job.  I was so busy running around that I didn't get to try these, but everyone had one of these in their hands, all the little kids were running round trying to find a way to get the fruit off the skewer and into their mouths.

Definitely an idea I would try again in future at a party.


  1. That is a super party idea!! Ideal for all ages, no cooking required, 100% healthy and not to mention - a treat for the eyes!! Your party board on Pinterest is full of cheerful colors :-)

  2. It's cool so classe and so beautifull
    Think's for Idea
    Boossa hbibaaa
    Kiss from FRANCE
    Mahera et ses decouvertes