Saturday 16 February 2013

Party Prep for Little Lady's Bash

Little Lady finished Quran recently and I wanted her to know that I was proud of her and wanted to celebrate her hard work.  So we agreed a party was in order before the next phase of studying and learning really takes off (she actually thought she was finished and that would be it!! Think again madam).

So last night and this morning has been party prep time with the help of my fabulous sisters. This morning I will be cooking my little heart out

Its handy that valentines day was two days ago, I stocked up on these strawberries for extra cheap (along with piles of discounted chocolates), I think these will go down well.

 We found this bunting for £3 in Debenhams and I loved the colours, so we decided to use them as the basis for our colour scheme (the table covers and napkins were from the £-shop)

We set out the tables last night for the desserts and sweets,  Fashionista is making us some treats to display on these.

My bag of treats to set up the tables and decorations:

The snooker table was moved to the front room where the kids have been instructed to do something very special with this to surprise the little kids that will be coming.

Cant wait for this afternoon - a nice outfit, good food, and friends are one of my fave combination of good things.


  1. That all looks so lovely! Inshallah the event will go well. :))

    I'm a new follower, and I'd so appreciate your stopping on by and checking out my blog and maybe following back! much love!


  2. hahahah nice Mashallah :)