Saturday 2 February 2013

Pot Luck Take Two

I was invited to another one-dish/potluck last week, much to my delight.  Kids busy at school, delicious food, good company - perfect.

I decided to make mince kebabs:

On a whim, I threw together a Pakistani-style salad called kachumber (very professional pic below with half-eaten salad and someone's noodles dropped on top):

I had this outfit from Karachi-based brand Thread and Motifs, which Kooks gifted to me and which I absolutely love that I decide to wear.

Of course the bling came out, a lot less of this these days with a little one in my arms, but thought I would make the effort.  Also, I find my niqabi sisters go all out and look fab at these kinds of sisters-only gatherings.

Darling wore the bright pink velvet and net dress her nan bought for her.

Baby bling courtesy of my mum's little sister

One of my friends has three boys and she loved Darling's outfit so much she asked me to keep it for her because she was praying for a girl one day.  I loved her positive thinking and belief in the power of dua.

The food was fantastic: masala fish, chickpea chaat, dhai bhalle, chicken korma, noodles, chicken kebab and a quiche of some kind with chicken and veg inside.

One of my friends made the same dessert she made at the last pot-luck, it tasted absolutely amazing.  I am going to try this and if it comes out good, I'll post the recipe.

It was lovely seeing friends and their little ones, it was also nice and easy to leave at three o'clock without anyone making you stay longer as everyone started to rush out to pick up their kids.  Seeing as I had had such a nice afternoon, I took mine three a little treat when I met them at school.

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