Sunday 10 February 2013

Little Bald Princess

My brothers beautiful little girl was seven days old yesterday, so as per Islamic tradition we shaved her head.  Her granddaddy (on her mum's side) did the job quickly and gently mash'Allah, whilst we all sat and watched and joked around (my poor brother was filming on his phone and we all accused him of checking the football scores instead!).

Princess was showered with gifts and ended up looking slightly ghetto fantastic (she has the loveliest tiny, long, thin fingers mash'Allah).

The best part was the food afterwards.  Princess' nan is a great cook (as good as my mum which is really saying something).  We had samosa's, chicken pilau, lamb curry and cream cake for dessert.

I think my brother and sis-in-law are planning the baby's aqeeqah now, which I am utterly looking forward to.


  1. Masha'Allah, how wonderful you're celebrating the new precious princess! :-) I smiled when I read: "looking slightly ghetto fantastic" :-D So cute.

  2. Aww MashAllah this is so cute. I had my first daughter 4 months ago and can totally relate to your experiences. Im looking forward to following you inshallah. May Allah make her the coolness of your and your husband's eyes. ameen