Monday 7 January 2013

Snooker Fun and Tantrums

My dad stopped by this week and randomly brought in and assembled a snooker table.  He thought it would be better than the kids watching too many cartoons (erm, we don't have a TV).

 The kids were on it like a shot and have been knocking the balls about ever since.  I sent my mum a picture and she thought it was hilarious, she was having visions of them beating each other with the snooker cues.

It's actually great fun and it's kept them (semi) occupied through the last few days of their winter holidays.  Someone has even drawn on the lines, which I htought was quite funny. 

Two of my friends came to visit us this week.  One of them is the wife of the emir (leader) in our local masjid and very practising mash'Allah.  I wondered if she was going to see the snooker table and tell us off.  The first thing she did was flip back her niqab and grab a cue!

Obviously with two cues and three kids old enough to hold them, the peace wasn't going to last.  Gorgeous seriously knows how to let the whole world know he is upset.  Can't wait till hubby is back (11 days!) as I know he used to play a lot when he lived in Pakistan.  Might have to tag-team with the kids.

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