Wednesday 9 January 2013

Making Biscuits with Aunty J

My younger sister Fashionista Sister came by to visit this week and brought along ingredients and cookie cutters to make biscuits with my children (brave soul).  Being a teacher she managed to keep them in line and get them to follow instructions.  Being their mum and knowing what they are like, I hid in the other room and waited for them to destroy something or start fighting.

There was a fight over the biggest cookie cutter.

The kids had great fun icing these, even though neither of the boys like icing (just making a mess).  They had so much fun and were so proud of their biscuits.  After asking everyone for about the fifth time, my dad had to tell them to stop pestering and put them away.

The shortcake biscuits tasted pretty good (more pics here on Fashionista's blog).

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  1. What a fun thing to do - this gives me a good idea for my own kids, but it's not like I'll ever do it because 1. they will fight and 2. they will make a mess! Maybe one day, insha'allah!