Wednesday 16 January 2013

My Little Girls Aqeeqah

I realised that I never got round to posting the pictures from Darling's Aqeeqah (sacrifice of an animal for the baby).  We did this when she was about 10 days old and with such sort notice it was chaotic and great fun.

We decided to do it here instead of sending the money to Pakistan this year as I wanted my children to know about it and to share the meat with family and friends.

My sisters help me set up a simple dessert table and find as many pink thinks as they could to stick up/blow up/set out.  I didn't get many pictures as I was running around trying to get the meal served.  We kept it very simple with the meat from the sacrificed lamb being cooked as a curry (by a local restaurant) and served with nan bread and salad.  Being fresh, it tasted amazing.  I also made a few trays of tandoori chicken to complement the meal.

We invited the women to our home and there ended up being about 40 women and probably about 20 or more children (they all seemed to be under 5) and it was very noisy and got very hot.  The men were served at the local masjid.

I was worried there would not be enough food, but there was plenty at home and the masjid. Hubby told me lots of people visiting the masjid joined in the meal which was nice.

Little Lady and Darling wore matching dresses from Monsoon. (LL's nan bought hers, so I hunted down one for Darling, which was too big, but no-one noticed).

My sisters also turned up with a cake which was a nice touch.

The evening was quite crazy.  We had to get the guests to sit down on two sittings, but everyone enjoyed the food, Darling got so many gifts (I don't think I'll have to buy her any clothes this year) and it was so nice seeing all of my friends and introducing my little princess to them.

In the meantime, time has flown and she is three months today mash'Allah and I can't help feeling that she is growing so quickly alhamdulillah.

(There are a few pics here on Kooks blog).


  1. Oh Mashallah, your daughter is gorgeous!!
    What is an Aqeeqah? I am having a daughter in May inchallah, I never heard of this tradition. Can you explain me what exactly is the tradition?
    Ws Valerie

  2. Assalam-alaikam Valerie,
    It's a sunnah tradition of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Theres a fairly detailed explanation here:
    Good luck with your baby insh'Allah.
    I have left a comment on your blog also.