Tuesday 8 January 2013

Jumping on the Bed in the Middle of the Night

You know those moments when you are excited?  So excited that you feel like jumping up and down and can’t sleep?  Well its 12.30am and I am having one of those moments.

Since the last few years I have really wanted to learn Arabic and understand the Quran better.  Not only did I not know where to start, but when I finally did find somewhere nearby which taught the basics and which was starting its course at the same time my maternity leave started, I realised there was no way I could sit for three hours at a time when I am nursing a newborn (and I suspected that the course instructor just would not let me sneak a baby in).

I was upset, but figured I would have to wait till next year and that this was what Allah (SWT) had willed for me.  About two weeks ago, my good friend Sister Sumaiya directed me towards a course she had signed up for which she thought I might be interested in.  May Allah (SWT) reward her abundantly for pointing me towards this at just the right time.

Abu Hurayrah relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "He who calls another to guidance will have a reward equal; to the reward of him who follows him without diminishing the reward of either of them." (Related by Muslim)

I enrolled in the course called Arabic through the Quran with trepidation and with the worry that I would not be able to get through the course with a newborn and a crazy five year old.  Today the course instructor (I am wondering what we should call her? Sister?  Ustadhah?) e-mailed us with the instructions to get signed up to the various online platforms we will be using to get through the course, it seemed a bit technical but turned out fairly easy.  Our first assignment was to post an introduction about ourselves in the student’s forum.

This was such a good way to start Alhamdulillah.  All of the sisters have responsibilities whether children, work or studies and yet they have committed themselves to this course to please Allah and to learn from his book.  Subhan’Allah, reading their intro’s was such an encouragement and helped put me at ease.

I am so excited about getting started.  I have ordered the book, started playing the learning game on memorize and start looking through the PDF for the course and the teachers blog.  I am going to have to stop myself now from spending all night on this or I won’t be able to get up for fajr prayers.  Subhan’Allah, how merciful is Allah (SWT).  We make an intention even thought we can’t see a way of making something happen and Allah (SWT) shows a path for us.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum my dear sis, I am so glad to know that you will be doing the course too, inshAllah. I am really looking forward to the course. I hope to learn a lot from the course. MashAllah Ustadh Ola seems like a lovely teacher mashAllah. Some of my friends are doing the course too. I am thinking we can sometimes meet up at my place and revise together inshAllah. May Allah subhana wa ta'ala make the course very beneficial for all of us, ameen!

  2. This is really nice post!Allah is the Omnipresent; He has always been here and will remain here forever. Therefore, its us-the humans who forget Him and as soon as we forget Him, we fall stray from the right path and end up being in bad plight. Thus, there is a need to stay constantly in contact with Allah Almighty through Reading and Understanding Quran with Proper Meanings

  3. Amazing post thank you