Wednesday 29 August 2012

Visit to Greenwich - National Maritime Museum

Our last stop on the visit to Greenwich wa the National Maritime Museum.  

The first exhibit pleased my mum because it was called Rawalpindi, which is near where my parents are from in Pakistan.

A large pat of the museum was devoted to Britains history of trade and interaction with other countries.

The famous Cutty Sark:

In all, the Greenwich visit turned out to be a great day out.  It's a twenty minute drive from us (and is just across the River Thames from where we live).  We visited Greenwich Park, The Planetarium and the National Maritime and in the whole day all we paid for was ice-cream - for a large-ish and growing family, that makes a lot of difference.

We also wanted to visit the Queens House in Greenwich, but this was being blocked off because it was being used due to the Olympics.  The area hosted a few of the Olympic events, so the park was dressed for the Games and had a great vibe with lots of Games Maker volunteers (including hijabi's) who were really friendly and helpful.  In future will also take the children to the Royal Observatory (to see the meridian line) in the Park and possibly inside the Cutty Sark, both of which are ticketed.


  1. Loved Greenwich as a child, it was very close to us so we went there a lot - although going through the tunnel scared me to bits LOL. Jazakillahu khayr for the memories.

  2. This looks wonderful, and is definitely on my list of things to do in London! Are there any masjid fairly nearby so we can do our salat? We usually end up going to Regents Park, but thats a bit far from Greenwich!!