Saturday 18 August 2012

Journal Your Ramadan Challenge – Days 21-30

Subhan'Allah the last few days of Ramadan have disappeared in a flash.  I managed a few fasts with rests in between, but only a very few.  I was pleased  to get the last few days off work and that had made all of the difference with rest, worship and getting the house in shape for Eid.

So, fro the last few days of Sister Neelu's (of Creating Memories) Journal Your Ramadan Challenge:

Day 21 – A Nearby Mosque - Hubby is very active in the nearby masjid and I have hardly seem him through most of Ramadan as a result.  I don't begrudge him this at all, I a, hoping that if I support him, I get to share in his reward.  On the other hand, I look forward to having him round most of Eid day, as I have missed him very much.

Day 22 – Prayer/Free - Still struggling on this one.  Sujood (prostration) is hard work at the moment as is getting up once I am down.  I always think to what an aunty told me - that these prayers with the distraction of small children and their demands are the most special because they require the most effort.

Day 23 – What’s On News Today - I don't have a TV and hardly ever check the news on the web, so have no idea most of the time.  However, have been following what is happening in Syria with heartbreak for my brothers and sisters and with much confusion.  We should certainly remember them in our dua's in these last few hours.

Day 24 – In Your Mail - Lots of good reminders from Solace, a charity for revert sisters, from the National Zakat Foundation, from Muhammad AlShareef (Imam and Muslim Life Coach) and Productive Muslim.

Day 25 - White - In this house???  Although I have had the kids helping me scrub walls and skirting boards, clear out behind beds and sofa's and just about every nook and cranny.  They are earning their Eid gifts this year!

Day 26 - Joy - Hard to think of much for this one as the last day of Ramadan slips away and I think of all of the ibadat (worship) I missed out on.   Although it is Eid tonight and the kids and house are clean, the gifts are packed up and the menu is planned!

Day 27 - Shopping - the less the better, but managed to squeeze it in a few trips, last minute bangles and sandals, groceries and sweets with the kids and the big eid meat shop with hubby.

Day 28 – Best Memory So Far - I think it has to be when the kids starting handing out plates of food for iftar to random people in the street.  I told them off soundly, but had a good laugh afterwards.  That or the bring a dish sisters-only iftar one sister organised.  The food and company was good, but the sister organising kept the kids well under control meaning the rest of us got  a decent evening of food and conversation.

Day 29 – Henna/Art - The streets outside my house are heaving with shoppers and the main road is lined with tables with girls sitting with henna cones and books of henna designs. They are already busy, in a few hours there will be queues.  I hope to do Little Lady's, my own and mum-in-laws this evening.

Day 30 – Eid Preparation/ Holiday Preparation - Nearly there, we had everything ready in case it turned out to be Eid today, so less to do today.  But kids seem to make a mess as fast as I clear it, sorting out cupboards and draws (I think the nesting has hit early this time) and will start the food prep tonight.  Also have to put the decorations up after the kids go to bed, get our henna done and if we have time, get out for a bit to enjoy the amazing Eid atmosphere that you get here - the kids are asking for ice cream tonight as the weather has been so very hot today for London.

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