Thursday 9 August 2012

Journal Your Ramadan Challenge – Day 18-20

What looked like a long and challenging Ramadan at the beginning is already two thirds finished.  We have the last asharah (third) left and insh’Allah I am keen to try and make the most of it.

Day 18 – In Your Kitchen
Had lots of fun preparing an iftari for the street, mum-in-laws pakora’s (onion and potato fritters) are delicious and we always get people asking for the recipe.  So this year we had  a little conveyor belt going in the kitchen and had hubby taking out plates of pakora’s, samosa’s and dates to the neighbours.  The kids got a bit carried away and started running down the street handing them to random passersby.  At first I was very cross, but as mum-in-law pointed out, someone had the food meant for them and most likely they were fasting too.

Day 19 – Happy
Happy Muslim Mama is something I have not been much of recently, anger management issues, pain and discomfort, exhaustion, all have contributed.  But surprisingly, I am starting to feel more comfortable.  Taking charge of the house and clearing out wardrobes and organising cupboards has also helped massively.  Looks like the “nesting” is kicking in early this time!

Day 20 – Something Crafty
Ooohh how I wish.  I have a cross stitch from Deen Creations which I am trying to complete, but very, very slowly.  I note that dear Crafty Muslimah had the same design and finished hers beautifully.

I also have crafts for Eid and for my sisters wedding to be getting on with.  So I want to pick the colours and papers at least to begin with this week.

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