Sunday 26 August 2012

Eid-ul-Fitr 2012/1433 - Day 1

Eid seems to have passed in a blur, much anticipated, very busy and over before I knew it.  I didn't manage to take many good pictures, but had a wonderful day.  Most years, my parents and sisters end up celebrating a different day from us and this ruins the celebrations.  This year we celebrated on the same day, so we had the whole clan at my mum's for lunch, including uncles, aunts and cousins, and at mine for dinner.  This meant starting with food preparation two days before and a very early morning start in the kitchen, but was well with it.

Little Lady fell asleep without getting her henna done and then woke again at 1am the night before and demanded I do her henna as I had promised.  I and hubby were still wide awake at this time blowing up balloons and preparing Eid gifts, so I agreed.  It was late, I was tired and I made a bit of a mess, but she was happy enough.

I put out the Eid decorations I had made earlier.

After all the time we took putting up banners, balloons and fairy lights, I never got the chance to take pictures.

My sisters kindly bought me this salwar kameez outfit a few weeks ago for my surprise baby shower, and luckily it still fit.  I loved wearing it, but it was so hot on Eid day that I gave up mid day and put on some lighter clothes to go back into the kitchen and finish up dinner (It was 30C - which I am sure isn't hot for some parts of the world, but is about as hot as it gets here and being completely unprepared for hot weather in this country, we all suffered- plus its no fun being pregnant in summer!)

I could not so without my customary armfuls of blingy bangles.

Pretty earrings courtesy of hubby.

Even my adorable month-old baby cousin had the prettiest bangles sent to her from Pakistan.

Also got some lovely soft scarves and pumps (to match one of the outfits made for my sisters wedding).

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