Thursday 29 September 2011

Recipe: Chikor Paratha

I love paratha’s – unleavened bread cooked on a flat pan and smothered in ghee (clarified butter) as does my husband. He always used to look a little disappointed with my attempts though and prefer to make his own. That was until a friend taught me to make what she called a chikor or “basket” paratha. If I can it, anyone can. A warning though – this recipe is not for the fainthearted or high of cholesterol, I make this only a very few times a year for myself, although more regularly for the kids (this is one occasion where I don’t mind eating their leftovers).

Dough for Paratha’s:
3 cups chappati flour
Enough water to make firm dough

To make Paratha:
1 cup chappati flour
Small bowl of clarified butter (as required)

Knead the three cups of flour with just enough water to make a firm dough (the more practised you are, the looser you can leave the dough and the paratha’s will be quicker to roll out and softer). Set the dough aside for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes take the dough and roll chunks into medium sized balls (a bit smaller than a tennis ball). Sprinkle flour onto your work surface and then roll out one of the balls into a circle.

Take some of the ghee and spread it over the paratha's surface.  Sprinkle some of the dry flour sparingly on top of this (This is the trick that makes the paratha fluff up)

Fold the top of the paratha over and spread some more ghee and sprinkle some more flour.

Fold the bottom over also.

Fold the side over and spread some more ghee and sprinkle a little more flour

Fold the last side over.  You will now have a small square. 

Dip this in the dry flour gently to stop it sticking and carefully roll back out into a square (or thereabouts!)

Carefully place the squared paratha onto a flat pan or "tawa" on a medium to low heat

Turn over regularly to prevent burning (I use metal tongs)

When the paratha is lightly cooked on both sides, gently lift the edges and slip some more ghee underneath

This will give the paraatha it's golden brown colour and distinctive taste.  Cook on a low heat until both sides are golden.

Place on a tissue to soak up any excess ghee.

We serve for breakfast with Indian omelettes.

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  1. Salaam alaykum,

    I can't make paratha's aswell. I'm going to try this once. Only I thought the fluffing up depends on other things than putting the flour, but Allahu a'lem.