Sunday 11 September 2011

Eid Party

Something to wear (Kooks bought this for me and I haven't had the opportunity to wear it):

Somthing to wear with it (I went with the deep pink ones in the end):

More bling...

...and another outing for my fave shoes:

I was worried these wouldn't much (they were similar to the colour of the trousers), until I realised all of the "young" girls were turning up with mismatched heels (and then eyeing up and trying mine on).

Kooks helped with getting together a basket of bangles which we gave away at the end.  It was especially fun getting the little girls to try the small ones on.

Lots of prizes for games: pass-the parcel, musical statues with nasheeds, prize for best Quran recitation, prize for silliest face and best outfit.  The kids threw lots of sulks with Little Man in the lead walking out during the first game.

Kooks made colourful crackers with the kids ran off with as soon as they saw them.

We had great fun putting the dessert bar together with the kids helping.  We then had to try to keep them from demolishing it long enough for us to take pictures.  Shutterbug Sister provided the healthy option (the strawberries for delicious):

These rainbow lollies were from the 99p shop.  There were other lovely bright sweets, but the back of the packet said "Warning: These sweets may affect your childrens behaviour and concentration".  I decided against those.

Rainbow lollies, jelly tots, gourmet jelly beans, halal jelly sweets split by colour:

The 99p shop version of smarties and M&M's split by colour again (that kept the kids happy). I checked all of the ingredients, but kept packaging in a bag in the kitchen in case any parents asked:

The Eid Sweets banner I made earlier:

A friend brought along dates stuffed with nuts and rolled in chocolate and dessicated coconut:

Another seriously yum variation:

Fashionista Sisters chicken sandwiches disappeared in a shot:

Our pakora mountain:

Creamy chicken curry:

Chickpea and potato rice:

A friend brought along these gol gappa's - a favourite street food in Pakistan which involves popping a whole in the puffed up crispy balls  , filling with the chickpea and potato mixture and tamarind sauce and stuffing your face.  Also called pani puri in India I think:

My neighbour brought along jalebi:

Fashionista's friend could not come along but sent us cakes:

After enjoying the food, we had a go at playing with the henna.  This is the design I made on one of the girls hands:


  1. What a wonderful party and something I'd love to be invited to or host myself! Loved everything-your trademark sweets arrangement, the mehndi, the dates and cakes, the yummy chana-aloo rice etc! Im so inspired to arrange an Eid party myself next time inshallah :-)

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I'm so happy that you checked all the ingredients. Every time muslims give my kids candies half of them are not halal then they tell me what can we do, we live in Canada.

  3. Lovely outfit masha'Allah and the food looks amazing.. sorry I couldnt make it sis :( insha'Allah next time.. but I do want to thank you for the invite, it was very welcome masha'Allah

  4. Masha'Allah Tabarak Allah it looks like you all had a great time and the food all looks delicious! Just wondered - how do you manage to keep the costs down because it looks like they could quickly add up with the presents etc? Altogether a great idea to celebrate Eid and make it special in a halal way!