Tuesday 6 September 2011

Bossy Little Lady

The kids have been trying the blo-art set I found them at a boot fair, so I came home from work to be presented with lots of artwork, which Little Lady had promptly decorated her bunkbed with, along with some curious instructions for her brothers.

I have been having a difficult time with Little Lady who seems to veer between utter sweetness and moments verging on rudeness which I strugge to deal with.  She can't be turning into a teenager already could she?  In any case, I am dealing with things one at a time and trying to remind her what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.  I am also trying to make sure I don't get drawn into abattle of wills with an eight year old!  Insh'Allah I make dua that Allah (SWT) helps me bring her up with the correct tarbiyyah (upbringing).  It is also a reminder for me to look at myself and review my own ways of dealing with things and have a think about whether anything I am doing is setting a bad example for her.

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