Sunday 11 September 2011

Eid Party Prep

With the Eid party in the afternoon, I thought it would be good to whiz round and put the house in order and get things ready (you know I like to be prepared).

I had the food cooked by 9am.  Chicken pasta, chickpea and potato rice and the mix for the pakora's (my mum-in-laws recipe which two of the neighbours have already asked for).

Found the disposable cutlery and plates, although I wonder for next time if the washable stuff might be better - mix and match crockery and colourful glasses from the boot fair?

Kooky Little Sister came round the night before and wrapped the prizes for the games and gifts for the pass-the-parcel.

I collected these buckets from the boot fair for about 10p to 50p each and used them as party bags/treats:

Chinese take-away style boxes for the ladies:

We had fun the night before filling the bags.

I cleaned and cleared, until I got to the front room and found this behind the sofa:

We have had an ongoing problem with Gorgeous wasting food and throwing it behind sofas.  His Dad sternly told him off the last time and a few weeks later, we find another rotting stash.  It took lots of clearing up and telling off and grumbling.  When hubby came home and I told him, he decided to join in with the clearing up and got a bit carried away and took everything out of the store rooms, he even took my old uni folders and books out of the old cardboard boxes that were falling apart and stored them in plastic totes (I have no idea why I cannot let go of these).

This meant two hours before the party, the living room looked like this:

Alhamdulillah, I went off to iron my clothes, get the kids ready and pray and hubby had packed it all away before my sisters came along to help set up the fun stuff.

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  1. I dont know when you left uni but I left in 2004 and still have all my files from the 3 years and my favourite textbooks (do I sound like a geek there?) Although to add to the absurdity.. they are all at my mums house in Canada lol :D