Friday 26 August 2011

Gratitude Journal 26.08.11 - A Hearty Breakfast for the Boys

There is one food I crave but don't eat more than two or three times a year - a good old fashioned paratha.  A friend has left her little boy with us for a few days and I decided to make the three boys parathas for breakfast.  I find a good solid breakfast leads to less whiny, quarrelsome kids (I'm not surprised, a full stomach makes me feel contented too).

These are (were!) sqaure "chakor" or basket paratha's with a layer of ghee between every layer of dough so that the finished paratha is flaky, almost like puff pastry.

These are one of the few foods that I don't mind the kids leaving me leftovers to consume.  I think I might indulge and make myself one for suhoor (breakfast before fasting) tomorrow insh'Allah - will certainly keep me going all day.

Little Lady in the meantime is poorly and not eating paratha's.  I'm off to drop her at her nans for some tlc, please remember her and her very poorly grandmother (my mum-in-law) in your duas.


  1. Salaam sis, I've tried to make parathas but instead of being flaky bundles of yumminess mine were heavy, oily messes. Insha'allah with practice. :-)

  2. they look so yummy. I havent tried making parathas at home but I love eating them with aloo mutter or even gobi manchurian or butter chicken.

    inshaAllah, may your MIL & Little Lady be feeling better soon.

  3. Mmm these look Delicious. My favourite treat as well. Please post how you go about getting the flaky, puffy layers.