Saturday 6 August 2011

Gratitude Journal 06.08.11 - Serendipity

I just posted about how I like things neat and tidy, when Little Man asked me if we could go to the supermarket.  I asked why and he showed me the cupboard where we keep our pasta and biscuits.  He had climbed onto the counter and reorganised the whole cupboard.  Small things on top and big ones at the bottom.  "I've made lots of space for you to put more things" he explained.

I'll have to move it all back later, but he didn't do a bad job considering the cupboard looked full earlier.

We obviously live by the same law...


  1. Allah bless them! All you could do was smile right at state of your cupboards! lol

  2. POLL: Who should be elected president in 2012?


    by the way your blog is really nice :)